A Tribute to Oasis Caregivers

It’s Sanctuary Caregivers Day!

Sanctuary Caregiver Day recognizes the important work of animal caregivers, the unsung heroes of animal sanctuaries. Join us to celebrate the tireless and sometimes underappreciated work of those that care for animals in need of sanctuary. The Oasis Sanctuary deeply appreciates their caregivers and here’s a tribute to them!

Today (and every day) we are grateful for our compassionate team of dedicated caregivers at The Oasis. The work is physically challenging and can be emotionally exhausting. Although every caregiver has designated work hours, caring and loving the birds is a 24 hour, 7 day a week responsibility, a real labor of love.

And just like the birds of The Oasis who are all unique, so are our caregivers who come from different backgrounds and bring unique experience and talents to the sanctuary.

THANK YOU Oasis Caregivers for all you do for the birds!
Nicki Whitehead  Joe & Julie Dyson Shannon Doerr
Cheryl Payne Kathryn Yochis * Ruth Ann & Tom La Rue
Linda Haynes Ben & Lilly Morphew Lisa Vogel
Dawn & Elone Brooks  * Janet Trumbule

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