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The Oasis Sanctuary shared APR All Parrot Rescue's photo.

My husband posted this saying "Careful Pat"!

I responded "My cockatoos will remember much freedom, playing on the beach, meeting lots of children and new people, visiting the aging, the infirm, nursery school kids, scouts, and people everywhere we go. They will remember lots of toys, good food, travel, and lots and lots of love. They will remember my sincere commitment and caring and they will remember the security of being with me for the rest of my life. I'm not too worried!"

I wish I knew everyone who shares a life with a precious companion animal of whatever persuasion would say the same. Just saying!
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2 days ago

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Susie Wendt, Kimberly Ramsay and 23 others like this

Stephanie TorresBeautifully said Pat! Made me teary-eyed this morning! This is truly a great message!

2 days ago   ·  1

Ruth AndrewsSo well said. Many birds live much longer than most pets, they need special care and love...not a cage! If they have to be in a cage a lot then they are not a pet for you.

2 days ago

Julie ThomsI know many birds who's former owners would deserve this!!!! If only it could be true!!!:)

1 day ago

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2 days ago
The Oasis Sanctuary theoasisorg
My husband posted this saying "Careful Pat"!I responded "My cockatoos will remember much freedom, playing on... https://t.co/75RexKqyOf
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