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The Oasis goes Solar

“I did dishes today and couldn’t believe that three hours into cleaning 500 bowls I still had hot, hot water! It never ran out. It was wonderful”. A quote from Janet Trumbule, the Executive Director of Administration at The Oasis Sanctuary.

Thanks to a generous donation of $10,000 from Chris Reid, a long time Volunteer and Supporter of The Oasis, we have installed the first of hopefully numerous solar systems. Our hope is to take advantage of the vast solar resources of SE Arizona and reduce our high energy costs, while making The Oasis a “Green” Facility as much as we possibly can.

The system shown in the attached photographs was specified by Neal M. Rudikoff, P.E., Oasis Board Member, and installed by Expert Solar Systems of Tucson, Arizona.

The system consists of three 4 ft. x 10 ft.  SunEarth, Inc. glazed flat plate collectors with a circulating closed loop glycol system and three 80 gallon SunEarth (by Rheem) storage tanks with heat exchanger and auxiliary single element heating coil. This system is designed to provide all of the hot water needs without ever using the auxiliary heater.

We are in the planning phase for future solar systems to provide: 1) heat to the aviaries which is required during the cold high-desert winter nights; and 2) electrical generation for our wells and lighting needs using photo-voltaic panels.

We can utilize any usable surplus solar equipment or panels. Please send e-mail to to discuss donations of solar equipment.