Retail Gift Cards are always appreciated: Home Improvement, Wal-Mart, Office Supply,, etc. for purchase of operating, maintenance, building and office supplies.

These are items we use every day for the birds:

  • Pet Focus or AviClean Concentrated for use in daily cleaning of bird cages.
  • 6-in-1 Painters Stiff Blade Scraper – used to clean perches, cages, and other cage materials.
  • Horsehair bench brushes – used for daily cleaning of 104 feeding stations.
  • Disposable Nitrile Gloves – all sizes.
  • Bath towels (new or used) – we use these on the bottom of the disabled birds’ cages to give them a cushioned surface to stand on.
  • Toys and swings for all species of birds…from Budgies to Macaws.
  • Treats such as millet spray, pumpkin seeds, roasted in-the-shell pistachios, human grade roasted unsalted peanuts and other in-the-shell human grade nuts, in particular almonds and walnuts.
  • Newspapers for use in cages. If you are coming to visit and are driving, a collection of clean newspaper is always very much appreciated. We can help by picking up large supplies in the Tucson or Phoenix area.

More equipment and structures we truly need (If you can help please call for more details):

  • Industrial gas pressure washer – minimum 3000 psi.
  • 250-300 Master locks, keyed alike – used to secure caging. Please call for size details.
  • Small Tiller for soil work in bird enclosures and gardens.
  • Gasoline powered portable generators – we have a variety of needs for generators.
  • Plastic pet carriers – sizes needed for budgies to macaws, for emergency evacuation preparedness.
  • Portable telescopic flood lamps
  • Portable misting towers – for use in the African Grey Aviary and other enclosures.
  • Heat/cool window air conditioning units – 3 units needed.
  • Electric Golf Carts used to transport food and supplies to the bird areas.
  • 6’ Box Scraper/Blade used with the tractor for maintaining our rural dirt roads and drives.
  • Small backhoe for digging larger areas such as aviary foundations.
  • Minimum 14’ enclosed cargo trailers – for emergency evacuation preparedness.
  • New or used large metal building – workshop and storage of equipment and building supplies.
  • Manufactured or mobile home – to be used for employee housing.


We now have a Wishlist with of items we seem to always need. Please take a look at the wishlist HERE.
Thank you for your generous donations for The Oasis birds.

If you have items to donate, please contact Janet or Julie at 520-212-4737

Note: We recommend using the US Post Office for shipping small items or UPS for the larger items. Please send packages directly to The Oasis Sanctuary, 5411 North Teran Road, Benson, Arizona 85602….however, financial donations should be sent to our Business PO Box in Scottsdale.