CyndiFritz Medium

Cynthia Fritz

February, 2014

As we move into 2014 you will see a fresh look in our publications and marketing material. Our first step was the creation of the updated Oasis Logo Banner proudly displayed on the cover of this newsletter. We are thrilled with this beautiful design featuring Birds of The Oasis which was created by volunteer Cynthia Fritz.

From a very young age Cynthia felt quite connected to animals and nature. She knew instinctively that one of her purposes in life was to help protect and preserve what she loved and cared so much about. As a young woman, Cynthia followed a slightly different path as she perused further education and a career in the creative industry.

Cynthia, has over twenty years of experience in consumer product marketing and advertising. She is a creative professional and award-winning art director. In leadership roles, Cynthia oversaw media advertising strategy, creative strategy, and brand identity for a world-renowned luxury goods manufacturer. She managed creative teams, hired and worked alongside ad agencies and independents across all media.

As an active supporter and volunteer for The Oasis Sanctuary, Cynthia created artwork and content to enhance brand awareness through media advertising. She delivered a site banner and a full-page advertisement for a national magazine (Bird Talk Annual 2014).

In the fall of 2009, Cynthia first met Janet Trumbule and took a tour of The Oasis Sanctuary while vacationing in Tucson, Arizona. She visited again in 2011; and, then decided to return as a volunteer for a week in June 2013. Cynthia assisted the Oasis staff with daily care, feedings and socialization for the 750 parrots and other captive exotic birds in residence. The volunteer experience proved to be extremely rewarding for Cyndi.

Cynthia resides in Pennsylvania and has two grown children. She lives with her two Moluccan Cockatoos, Staffordshire Terrier, and Chinese Water Dragon. She enjoys cooking, health and fitness, and taking care of her animals. She loves to spend time outdoors, rides motorcycles and is an avid skier.

We would like to say Thank You to the many volunteers who have unselfishly given of their time to help the Birds of The Oasis. In 2013 we had an unprecedented 4,285 hours worked by volunteers. Hours spent feeding and cleaning to making toys and enriching environments; major construction projects to advocating for the birds and so much more… We are continually amazed at the commitment you make to The Oasis. You inspire us!

From all of us at The Oasis… We are grateful for your ongoing help and support.