Larry & Kathy Eldridge

Dear Friends,

I am sitting here thinking of our time spent with The Oasis bird community, and the angels that make sure all needs are met to the best of their ability, which includes singing “Old Mac Donald” with a Quaker Parrot. I can”t imagine spending our time any place else. The hours that my husband, Larry, and I were at The Oasis are some of the most valuable time of my life.

While busy helping to clean their environmeant, many thoughts flew in and out of my mind. One thought was of the breeders. I wondered if thoughts crossed their minds that 5, 10, or more years after the clutches hatched, fledged, and sold to an excited new owner, what life the fledglings would experience in adulthood. Thoughts of  “this isn”t perfect”, but neither is neglect, nor is life in the jungle under the canopy. I am thankful for the life The Oasis offers it”s residents, which isn”t only about birds, but about life with dignity and security.
I can”t imagine the fear of their ability to survive these “wild caughts” have endured. It is truly incomprehensible to me. On our last day, before we left The Oasis, I strolled through the grounds with tears filling my eyes, to have a last look, to etch a lasting memory in my mind, and to say good-bye to the acquaintances I had made.
I pray for well being to all. You are blessed. I can”t express the amount of gratitude I feel for you, all of the staff, and all who make The Oasis possible. In simple words, “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts”.

Larry and Kathy Eldridge
February 2009