Ryan Dunn

From an early age, I have always known I would dedicate my life to interacting with and helping animals. Whether it was hunting for lizards in my backyard or watching every nature video available, I was absolutely fascinated with animals as a child, an obsession that has grown into a passion today. My name is Ryan Dunn, I’m a 15 year old from Gilbert, Arizona, and I am a future veterinarian of avian and exotic animal species. Approximately a year ago, Dr. Todd Driggers invited me to volunteer alongside him in his veterinary clinic, so for the past eight months, I”ve been doing just that. The experience so far has allowed me to learn a great deal and has inflated my interest in veterinary medicine, and thanks to Dr. Driggers, my dream has begun its journey toward fruition. I look forward to serving animals in the future, and hopefully this will not be the last time you hear my name.