Pole Barn

New Pole Barn

We just want to share with you, our friends, that the new Pole Barn is being erected and we are all excited that the birds will have a new, secure, stable structure to house them. We worked hard to raise funds to build this and it has been a long awaited reconstruction which will help keep the birds cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter. We will update the photos as it progresses over the next weeks. Thanks to everyone who contributed – it makes us so happy when we can improve their environment and we can do it because of your continued generous support. We are building it around the old structure which will then be removed once the new one is complete! It’s BIG!! Stay Tuned!

Quote from our Executive Director of Administration, Janet Trumbule,

“The metal structure is complete. Monday the 6 roll up doors will be installed on the north and south ends. Next step…dismantle the old. It looks very sad under this beautiful new building. We’ll focus on building winter panels for the east and west sides too. Then we will start to rearrange cages within. It really is a beautiful building and already we can feel the temperature difference. The birds finally have some relief from the heat. Since we had to remove some pecan trees we will want to do some replanting around the building at some point. It needs some green.”
So if you’d like to contribute, we’ll be needing funds to purchase plants & trees.