Important Tests to Get Before Bringing your Parrot Home or Out of Quarantine

By Sybil Erden, Founder

These are the tests that The Oasis Sanctuary considers “base line” introductory tests for any bird, particularly those joining a flock or a household with other birds:

For all birds (the exception is finches which are too small!)

  1. CBC/Chemistry (Full Avian Panel)
  2. Psittacosis (also called “Parrot Fever” or “Chlamydia”)
  3. Fecal Culture and sensitivity

There also needs to be a thorough physical exam including, but not limited to:

  1. mouth
  2. nares
  3.  joints (for arthritis)


For specific Breeds:

Old World Parrots (Africa, Asia, Indonesia)

Add:    PBFD (Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease) aka Circo Virus 1

New World Parrots (Central and South America)

Add:    Physical exam for Papiloma

Annual visits to the Avian Vet should also include:

  1. CBC/Chem
  2. Fecal Culture and sensitivity

As well as the physical exam

From time to time an electrophoresis might be needed, or x-rays. Your Vet will add what s/he thinks necessary for the care and well-being of your particular bird.