Bad Things for Birds commonly found in your home

The following common house-hold products are TOXIC and DEADLY to birds. A bird’s biology is so different from ours that things we do not even sense can and DO kill them!

Remember the old “canary in the coal mine”…. Also consider: if it is capable of killing our birds quickly….what is it doing to us slowly?

  • Non-stick cookware (NOT just “Teflon” brand ) When heated, these coatings produce a CLEAR and ODORLESS gas. The only warning you have is your bird falling over dead.
  • Non-stick coatings can be found in and on things you would not think of such as:
    • Toasters
    • Hair-dryers
    • Ovens (especially toaster-ovens)
    • Drip pans for stove burners
    • Baking pans
    • Irons
    • Ironing board covers

Do not use:

  • Any and all aerosol sprays
  • Scented candles
  • Scented oils and air-fresheners (including those “plug in” types)
  • General rule of thumb….if it is a spray, keep it away from the birds.


  • Be careful with beads and coins which can be ingested…..they can contain toxins or can create obstructions.
  • Stained glass such as lamps and “sun catchers”….The leading between the glass pieces is deadly to birds!
  • Electronic parts such as old telephones and keyboards….There are copper and lead components in many electronic devices, both of which can cause poisoning of birds.

Foods not to give your bird:

  • Avocado – any portion including fruit, branches and leaves can be deadly.
  • Alcohol is no-no
  • No caffeine
  • No carbonated drinks
  • No milk (birds are lactose intolerant) but cheese (high is calcium!) is ok in moderation
  • No UN-roasted peanuts. The roasted, unsalted, human grade ones are ok – again in moderation as they are very high in fat.
  • No onions (not digestible)

Must do:

  • Put together an Avian First-aid kit. Talk to your Vet about what you should have on hand.
  • Plan for emergencies and for the future!
  • Keep a carrier ready and handy in case of fire, flood or other emergency “quick exit” from your home.
  • Have someone you can call to take care of your bird if you are in an accident or stranded away from home. Keep that number in your wallet!
  • Post a sign on your front and back doors or windows saying: “FIREMAN! ___ # of Birds inside!”
  • If you have cats or dogs etc post their info on this sign as well.

The Life You Save Could Be Theirs!