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The Lovebirds we have available for sponsorship are Peach-faced Lovebirds. They reside in our free-flight Lovebird Aviary. While the Peach-faced species of Lovebird will fight with other Lovebird species like Masked and Fischer’s, they generally get along very well together. Our Lovebird flock numbers about 55. They are active and talkative. As with all our parrots, the Lovebirds are not given nesting material so we never have nests or hatchlings. But, pairs abound. The best time ever is when the Caregivers arrive with fresh-cut willow branches for the mini-flight. That means the beaks will be busy shredding leaves and skinning bark. Whew, what a job. With all that work, better go have a bite to eat! Oh, and might as well have a drink. Want to sponsor me? Lovebird sponsorships make great gifts.

Sponsorship photos are representative of our many Lovebirds. Most look strikingly similar.

Lovebird Sponsors:

Robert Schubert, Drew Dunlap, Patricia Latas, Julie O’Malley, Kelly Whitehurst Plett, Angela Rockefeller, Diana Nevins, Ruth Ann Sheets, Shalu and Andy Gillum, Jeff and Judi Bergfield, Sarah Breitweser,  Amy Gunderman, Bridgett Harvey, Sarah Lander, Kimberly Morton, Lynne and Barbara Eschrich, Steven and Marilyn Rothenberg, Marie Ellen Wood, Ariana Martin, Nicole Chakov, Beth Clark, David and Ellen Levy, Joan and Paul Cotter, Brandon Fuchs, Matthew and Maria Resnick, Patty Finch and Paul Dewey, Barbara Chakov, Jana Kinsman, Charlie Hill gift from Jenn