Noelle Fontaine has been involved with all species of parrots since 1992, with a special love and interest for macaws. Over the last 23 years she has dedicated her personal resources and efforts in fostering and successfully placing many parrots that needed new homes. Her interest in parrot conservation led to 15 years of traveling to Peru, Bolivia and Brazil to observe wild parrot behavior.  Supporting parrot conservation projects existing in those countries has been one of her priorities. Noelle is active in her local avian community and served as Vice-President of the Arizona Seed Crackers Society for a number of years. Her love for all parrots has encouraged her to help people and parrots in need, not only through her own fostering but by offering support and education to parrot owners. Noelle has been an advocate for all parrots in rescue and sanctuary, including those at The Oasis. Her career is in IT as the Oracle Licensing Specialist at a local reseller in Tempe.