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The Oasis Sanctuary is residence to more Cockatiels than any other species of parrot. Most reside in our large free-flight Small Bird Aviary. Because Cockatiels are naturally flock-oriented parrots we seldom see disagreements in the flock. Even if there is a tiff, we have lots of room for the odd man out to choose another branch. Because of the number of Cockatiels and the variety in colors and feather patterns, the photo sent with a Cockatiel sponsorship is representative of the flock in general. Any time we have visitors to The Oasis, the Small Bird Aviary turns out to be a favorite destination because so many Cockatiels make friendly visits to shoulders and heads. What is not to love about a Cockatiel? Cockatiels are great gift sponsorships for friends and family.

Cockatiel Sponsors:

Nancy Ball, Pamela Begg, Aimee Christian, Aileen Franzi, Elizabeth Matta, Grainne Matthews, Linda, and John Gorman, Sumitha Somangili, Timea Koncz, Dustin Ingagiola, Margaret Branick-Abilla, Angela Bryan, Margaret Galloway, Ann Lu a gift for Melody Lu in memory of Custurd, Florence MacIntyre-Pulling, Vivian Shevitz, Sharon, and Gary Kilpatrick, Vaibhav Mehta, Joshua Brown, Claire Wilson, Rudy Cockatiel, Jenny Lamb, Marcia Abramson, JR, and Kathy Waddell, David Hill, Lois O’Day, Jeffrey and Eileen Antokal, Sharla Blischok, Rhea Damon, Peter Zimmerman, Amy Pate, Patricia Pruitt, Francine DiBernardo, Patricia Gaitely, Terri Carlson, Sandra Coutu, Anita De Villegas, Edward Yang, Gloria Monti, Scott and Ruth Andrews, Stacey and Robert McQuitty, Nancy Santiago and Eugene Weinreis, Alex Groza, Heather Horton, Theo Manno, David and Victoria Heisler, Dr. Helen Lederer.