Sockatoos are a fun foraging toy your bird will love. Approximately 19″ long, 4″ wide, divided into “compartments” and filled with bird-friendly goodies like wooden/plastic toys and shapes, almonds, dried pasta, chiles, and star anise, just to name a few. A toy that conures to macaws will enjoy.  All proceeds benefit The Oasis Sanctuary.
Regular – Approximately 19″ long, 4″ wide
Mini – Approximately 12″ long, 3″ wide
Ultra – Approximately 24″ long, 4″ wide, packed with larger nuts (brazils) and toys for large parrots

Sockatoo Toys LLC produces Sockatoo toys in three different sizes. The Mini Sockatoos are designed for smaller parrots, while the Classic Sockatoos are the original size and offer a lot of entertainment. The Ultra Sockatoos have a metal hanger and come with nuts and toys specifically for larger parrots.