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lives in the Quaker Aviary


We have a Quaker Aviary complex at The Oasis Sanctuary. It is built with three square 1-story aviaries that are arranged in a triangle. The aviaries connect to each other via conduits similar to heating & cooling duct work except this conduit is made from zoo-grade, reinforced mesh which allows for a sense of free flight but safety from predators. Each aviary has an opening to the conduit which then connects to the other two aviaries. We call these the fly-through, fly-over or fly-ways. We have approximately 90 Quakers who reside in the aviary complex. Only a small number of our Quakers have physical traits that allow easy identification. But, every Quaker is described in our files for characteristics so we can identify them when needed. We have several Quakers available for sponsorship. We list their names, but the photo calendar page that is sent will be a representative photo of the Quaker being sponsored. Keep in mind that at The Oasis Sanctuary we have only one sponsoring person or family per bird. Even if the photo and introduction is generic, a sponsored Quaker has only one sponsoring person or family.