Join us in support of the Birds of The Oasis

Come and hear what’s been happening at the sanctuary this past year. We are pleased to have co-founder and director Brooke Durham of SoCal Parrot present “Parrot Conservation, 100 years after the Carolina Parakeet”.

During the afternoon, the birds will be eager to see you. Self-guided tours of the outdoor enclosures will offer you plenty of time to meet, or reacquaint yourself with your favorite Oasis residents, enjoy a delicious Cinco de Mayo lunch and mingle with Oasis staff and other parrot lovers. A silent auction will be held, offering many items you will love! Bid throughout the day for the end of day auction closing.

Brooke Durham

After building a career as a successful professional portrait artist (photography), Brooke Durham suffered a career-ending injury to her spine, with permanent nerve damage. Years of rehabilitation later, Brooke began volunteering large amounts of time with a large local wildlife rescue center, where she was able to forget her own physical pain as long as she was focused on helping these often-forgotten members of the animal community.

Working in a large wildlife rehab organization exposed Brooke to a huge variety of wildlife species (reptile, mammal, and avian) that call Southern California home. The most interesting, and fateful, of these animals were a pair of naturalized nestling wild Amazon parrot chicks. They were the inspiration for the establishment of SoCal Parrot – “A non-profit that exists to bridge the gap of care and consideration that naturalized parrots fall into because they are neither native wildlife nor truly domestic.” In 2017 Hurricane Harvey delivered a near-miss to the habitat of the last 2,500 or so remaining Green-cheeked (aka Red-crowned) Amazon parrots that call the Lower Rio Grande home, reiterating that the naturalized flocks of parrots in Southern California may one day soon serve as the genetic reservoir for this species.

In early 2017 Brooke was awarded the first new wildlife rehabilitation permit in the San Diego area in 25 years. She and her team are working hard to establish SoCal Wildlife to continue bridging gaps in care and consideration the field of wildlife rehabilitation. She considers her personal mission to be fostering better communication and collaboration within the field for the health and wellness of both wildlife rehabilitators and the animals we serve.

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Your participation in this one day event will directly benefit the Birds of The Oasis!

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Travel Information

The Oasis Sanctuary is located 25 miles north of Benson, Arizona (in the area of Cascabel).

Tucson International Airport is most convenient – about a 90 minute drive to the sanctuary.

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is approximately 200 miles north – about a 3.25 hour drive to the sanctuary.

If arriving by air a rental car is necessary. There is approximately 5 miles of dirt road to reach the Sanctuary from the south, so it is important to have appropriate transportation.

Motel Accommodations In Benson include:

  • Quality Inn                                        520-586-3646
  • Motel 6                                              520-586-0066
  • Comfort Inn                                      520-586-8800
  • Super 8                                              520-586-1530
  • Days Inn                                            520-720-0055

If you will be staying in Benson, won’t you join us for dinner after the event, dutch treat? Location to be provided on event day.