Type of BirdMonthYear
Pair of Budgies$10$120
Lovebird or Cockatiel$10$120
Pair of Lovebirds or Cockatiels$20$240
Conure, Quaker, Psittacula (Ringneck), Poicephalus$20$240
Pair of Conures, Quakers, Psittacula (Ringnecks), Poicephalus$35$420
Large Conure, Pionus, Caique$30$360
Pair of Large Conures, Pionus, Caiques$55$660
African Grey, Lory, Small Cockatoo, Mini-Macaw, Eclectus$40$480
Pair of Amazons, African Greys, Lories, Small Cockatoos, Mini-Macaws, Eclectus$75$900
Large Cockatoo, Macaw$60$720
Pair of Large Cockatoos, Macaws$110$1320