Tom is a Vietnam Era Army veteran. His professional background is in corporate security, private investigations, corporate counterintelligence and executive protection. Tom is an accomplished artist in wood and metal in his retirement years. Much of the artistic development occurred as Tom provided repairs and repurposing of items for parrot use. The need to use donations and re-use existing materials in the early years of Oasis existence turned into art with a humorous touch. But, Tom is also a master at retrofitting and designing cages and stands for use by our handicapped parrots.

Tom’s volunteer activities at The Oasis Sanctuary began in October, 1998, and progressed over the years to the point of full time service in foster care to the parrots at Chez La Rue. Tom shares his tool/artist’s shop with Oasis parrots because he built an indoor/outdoor aviary on to the end of the shop. On days Tom works on his projects the whole neighborhood can hear the foster parrots carrying on conversations with “their Dad,” Tom.

Tom donates artwork occasionally for auction and sale at The Oasis Sanctuary. Everyone who meets and gets to know Tom appreciates him for his sense of humor and obvious dedication to the Special Birds of The Oasis Sanctuary.