I grew up in a navy family, so we moved often . One of the cool things about that was traveling abroad and living in Spain as a teenager . That’s where I  developed my passion  for birds.  While in Spain, when I was just 14, I got a  Ringneck  D ove . She was very wild and wanted to be with the wild flock . The wild  doves would come sit on her cage , as she lived on the balcony . So we decided to let her go! She was free as she should have been and always wanted to be .

When we moved back to the states and settled in the Seattle ,  Washington area I got my first parrot, a white  Parakeet named  T equila . She was beautiful and very friendly . I had her for many years. Of course that started my love and fascination with parrots. I then got a job at a pet store and I remember all the birds we’d get shipped in. They were wild caught back then . I remember a pair of  Moluccan Cockatoos, they were the most stunning  birds I had  ever seen…I was in love!

My next bird was a cockatiel and then lovebirds, and then came the bigger birds . I had a yellow collared macaw once and had the unfortunate experience of losing him off my shoulder . Even though he was clipped!  I got my dream bird in 1990 . Linus Bird was a  Lutino Indian  Ringneck. At that same time my little Hahn’s  Macaw Honky Tonk also came home with me . I hand fe d both of them . Linus got his name because he had a blue towel I’d  always put him in. Linus was with me until his passing at the age of 28. Honky is still with me .

Today I live with Pico, a Catalina  Macaw, Honky my Hahn’s, Thumper , my Congo  Grey, Prim my  Green  Cheek  Conure and Lonesome  Dove.  I cared for a few other birds that now call  The  Oasis home . Two male Amazons, Ringo and Roy (who are bonded to each other) , and  a little  Ringneck  Dove ,  Marley Moo.  Ringo and Roy are typical male Amazons , preferring each other to people. It was in their best interest to  have them join The Oasis flock. Marley Moo loves  the space to fly in the Small  Bird  Aviary .

I  learned of The  Oasis back in 2008  through my veterinarian, Dr. Driggers. I started volunteering …I’m a welder so I helped out with the construction of  some of the mini -flights. I learned what I could about the routine  of the operation and started  helping with animal care  alongside the amazing staff . I knew this was the place for me . I love everything about  The  O asis …the staff, the birds and the guardian dogs. I am truly blessed to be part of something so very special and amazing. Thank you  Oasis!