My love for wildlife and nature began at an early age when I was born and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Growing up in a place where nature is all around you really made me fall in love with its beauty. My favorite things to do growing up were going on hikes around Pikes Peak and visiting the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. After completing an AP Biology course in high school, I knew that I wanted to dedicate my college work to the life sciences.

I attended Regis University in Denver, Colorado and graduated with degrees in both Biology and Environmental Science in May 2020. During the summer breaks while I was in school, I completed three internships at different animal care facilities. In 2017, was very fortunate to land my first animal care internship at the Denver Zoo in the elephant area. I wasn’t really sure what to expect before I started, but after my first day, I was hooked. Working with those three amazing Asian elephants (Groucho, Bodhi, and Billy) really showed that this career was for me. I realized that I want to dedicate my life to protect the natural world through conservation, animal care, and education. The next summer, I landed another animal care internship at my hometown zoo, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, where I worked with several different species of primates including gorillas and orangutans. I have always been fascinated with the intelligence of the great apes and forming a positive relationship with the silverback gorilla (Goma) was an experience I will never forget.

I decided to change it up a bit in the summer of 2019. Instead of attempting to obtain another animal care internship in Colorado, I decided to accept an internship offer at Fortress of the Bear in Sitka, Alaska. I have always been drawn to Alaska ever since I was little, and I decided to make that dream into a reality. At Fortress, I worked with both brown bears and black bears. I really enjoyed working with the bears (especially Bandit) while being in a place as beautiful as Sitka. In addition, I met my best friend Sam, who worked at the Alaska Raptor Center, during my time there and we soon started dating. Getting out of my comfort zone and spending the summer in Alaska was the best decision I have ever made!

After graduating from college, Sam and I stumbled across The Oasis Sanctuary’s website and noticed that they were hiring. We haven’t worked with parrots before, but we immediately fell in love with them as soon as we started. I am looking forward to forming positive relationships with the birds as an Avian Caregiver while being a part of The Oasis family!