I grew up in Martinsville, Va, but went to a small college in Canton, Ohio. I have loved birds since growing up with a Quaker parrot who had a special bond with me and my father and I always enjoyed watching the bird feeders.

My passion has always been to work with animals and I went to school for Zoo and Wildlife Biology, earning my degree in 2013. While in school I volunteered at a local wildlife rehabilitation center and also an exotic sanctuary. At these facilities, my bird care experiences grew along with my love of birds. At the exotic animal sanctuary, I gained experience providing care and handling for Macaws, African Grey Parrots, Cockatoos, a Sun Conure, Cockatiels, and more.

These volunteer opportunities and my senior research project with Andean Condors, made me realize that I needed to work with birds. While I love all animals, birds fascinate me the most. Also I was drawn to The Oasis Sanctuary because it is a sanctuary that focuses everything on the animal, and that is something to be respected.

At The Oasis I get to work alongside my husband, Ben, which is a pretty nifty perk. I love the birds. Every day brings a new story with the birds. Relationships are constantly changing which makes this job most interesting. The birds are definitely what brought me here, but the people are amazing too. Between our staff and the volunteers, I am surrounded by amazing people who teach me something new every day.

I am completely in love with Roman, a Congo African Grey. Our relationship has jumped tremendously since I first started working with him. Even though I am pretty sure I still love him more than he loves me.

At home, Ben and I have four animals. We have two cats… a Siamese named Zing and a Maine Coon named Gracie. They rule the house. We also have a Great Dane named Lupin, who is the biggest wimp you could ever meet but such a sweetheart. Last but not least is my main squeeze Mandu, a Bearded Dragon, who I have had since college.