National Bird Day

National Bird Day

National Bird Day calls on activists and bird lovers to unite and take action on behalf of captive and wild birds to reduce the number wild-caught and captive-bred birds who are exploited in the international and domestic pet trade.

Two primary goals of National Bird Day is to improve the welfare of birds who are already in captivity and to create a world where birds are no longer exploited for the pet trade. National Bird Day encourages the public to understand that birds are “More Beautiful Wild.”

Each year, millions of birds are captured from the wild or produced in captivity for commercial profit or human amusement, only to languish in conditions that fail to meet the instinctive behavioral and physical needs of these wild animals.

Take and Share the National Bird Day Pledge!
Help build a better world for birds by improving the lives of those already in captivity and working for a future where everyone believes that birds are More Beautiful Wild. #DoBetter4Birds #MoreBeautifulWild #NationalBirdDay

Birds are More Beautiful Wild.

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