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Position: Avian Caregiver
3 Full Time Positions – seeking 1 couple and 1 individual

About Oasis:

The Oasis Sanctuary is a life-care facility for captive exotic Psittacines (parrots), although we do accept other captive avian species. As a sanctuary, we do not sell, breed or offer birds for adoption. Some of our birds are physically challenged and require unique living or feeding situations. Others have been passed from home to home, often being physically and/or emotionally abused, and have become fearful or aggressive. We offer the birds a stable and loving home for the duration of their natural lives. The sanctuary is located on 72 acres in the rural area of Cascabel, in southeastern Arizona. The closest retail services are located 25 miles south in Benson.

We are seeking passionate caregivers who will be dedicated to daily care and provide a deep devotion to the 800 birds who call The Oasis home. This is not just a “job”, but an emotional investment in knowing the birds as individuals and helping the increasing numbers of parrots in need. The work can be emotional and is physical, dirty and often unglamorous but can be highly rewarding with great personal satisfaction.


Our Caregivers must have a genuine interest in birds and their well being. Our team must be fully committed to the time and hard work it takes to provide our residents a safe, secure and happy life. You don’t need to have been a parrot caregiver before though that’s preferred. You do need to love them, and be dedicated to them…to be an independent hard worker, ready to always do what is needed for the parrots. You need to be someone who likes people too, and can be warm and friendly with visitors and volunteers.

Specific responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Daily feeding, which includes cleaning of food bowls and feeding areas, and preparing diets;
  • Daily cleaning and maintenance of all cages and enclosures
  • Monitoring the health of all animals and providing supportive medical care as needed, including administering medications;
  • Providing enrichment and socialization interactions for happy and healthy birds
  • Maintaining sanctuary grounds
  • Special projects as needed


  • Full time position-40 hours per week. Overtime as needed to ensure proper care of all animals. Employees are scheduled to work 5 days with a 2-day weekend, but because we are a small team, and the birds drive our schedule, flexibility in hours worked is necessary. You must be willing to work weekends and holidays.
  • Bird care and handling experience preferred. Other animal care a plus. We will consider training the right person who is willing to learn about the unique care and needs of parrots and commit to their care;
  • Veterinary Assistant or Tech experience, or prior experience in an animal rescue, zoo or conservation setting is beneficial;
  • Must be able to perform regular, strenuous duties in all desert weather conditions-from freezing in winter to over 100 degrees in the summer. This job will have you on your feet all day and requires endurance and physical strength;
  • Must have the ability to routinely lift and carry 50 pounds;
  • Must be physically able to regularly lift, bend, reach, kneel and stand for long periods;
  • Must be able to work in our indoor and outdoor dusty environments. Allergens are heavy due to desert dust and bird dander/dust;
  • Must be able to tolerate high levels of noise;
  • You will be exposed to animal waste and potentially aggressive parrots;
  • Mechanical or maintenance skills are beneficial;
  • Compassion for the animals and your team a must;
  • Dependability and ability to maintain a sound work ethic in our fast paced, task driven operation is a must;
  • Able to work independently but be cohesive with the team;
  • Must possess logical thinking and ability to apply common sense to critical operational details and processes;
  • Must be willing to live onsite in Oasis provided housing;
  • Must possess a valid Driver’s License and reliable vehicle capable of handling county maintained dirt roads.

As part of the application process, selected applicants will be requested to travel to the sanctuary and volunteer a minimum of 4 days. We can offer accommodations on site, however travel and food is at the applicant’s expense. NOTE: Covid-19 may currently restrict travel. However, we find a visit to the sanctuary is a critical part of the hiring process, and benefits you and us. Our rural lifestyle and the hard work required in this position should be experienced before commitments are made to join our team. Let’s discuss timing and options.


  • Modest hourly salary starting at Arizona minimum wage of $12.00/hour;
  • On-site housing provided rent free. This equates to approximately $4800 in compensation annually. We currently have 3 homes available on site, two mobile homes-each for a couple (preferred) or possibly two people who wish to share housing, and one studio cabin-for an individual. Most pets are welcome;
  • Essential utilities provided (electric, gas, water, trash removal). This equates to approximately $2400 in compensation annually;
  • Non-essential utilities must be covered by employee (phone, internet, satellite/cable TV, etc);
  • Modest health insurance allotment for employees carrying individual health insurance plans;
  • Dental Discount plan available

How to Apply:

If you have the passion and commitment for these special birds and want to dedicate yourself to their care, please send your cover letter and resume to:

Janet Trumbule
Executive Director of Administration