Welcome to the Discover The Oasis 2020 Virtual Experience

As you are aware, we had to cancel our only in-person event of the year but we want to continue the spirit of Discover The Oasis and involve you in a few of the activities that would normally happen that day. Taking into consideration the Wi-fi challenges and inability to stream live, we have created some fun activities to engage you with us for a virtual experience and to keep our Oasis family and parrot community connected during this unusual time.
Since there’s so many unknowns regarding holding future events, our Board decided it was best to not hold the event in the fall as we previously mentioned. We will be looking forward to Discover The Oasis 2021 next May. Thank you for your understanding.

Because people may be experiencing economic hardships we are offering you this experience at no cost. Our hope is that these activities bring you closer to the mission of The Oasis and bring a bit of joy to your day.

No RSVP or registration is needed, just take a break and join us. Watch the videos at your own pace, browse and bid at the VIP online auction throughout the weekend and consider purchasing an event shirt or Sockatoo. We hope that you enjoy participating in the online auction and like the new shirts; these sales will help raise some critical funds and provide a part of the event we all love and would miss on May 2.


Join us for a tour around The Oasis and experience the sights and sounds….and some sounds are loud, they’re parrots of course!
Watch the videos from the cool comfort and safety of your home. The forecast here is expected to be in the high 90’s so grab a cool beverage and watch at your own pace and replay your favorite segments if you like. 

Thank you for your understanding of filming with many birds expressing themselves with their voices. Each segment of tour features a Caregiver giving insights and information about the specific aviary and birds.
Disclaimer: Not filmed by a professional video-photographer, we do our best.

The video will be available for viewing starting May 2.


The Discover The Oasis silent auction looks different this year because the pandemic situation. We held back so many amazing items exclusively for our on-site event but we can still offer them to you on our VIP Online Auction! Please note the duration of this silent auction is much shorter than our normal online auctions so you’ll need to monitor your bidding to win your favorite items. Click HERE to take a sneak peek now of the many items up for auction and get ready to place your bids beginning May 1, 9am AZ/10am MT/11am CT/12pm ET and concludes May 3, 5pm AZ/6pm MT/7pm CT/8pm ET.
If you are not sure what time zone you are in click HERE and search for your city compared to Tucson, AZ.

Questions?  Contact Lori at loribell@the-oasis.org or 602-819-6140

We hope that enjoy the many items donated by our wonderful supporters.

Every Bird Counts Event T-shirt – African Grey Logo

Each year we design a special event shirt for Discover The Oasis. This year the shirt features our “I Support The Birds” African Grey logo on front and Every Bird Counts logo on the back, both silk-screened designs. The festive and brilliant color is named Sangria. Shirts come in crew neck and ladies’ Vneck and are available in most sizes. Our order had been placed prior to the pandemic so we have an inventory of these fun shirts for sale.

We hope you like them and will support us by purchasing one or more. These limited edition shirts are available until they sell out!
Special Bonus! Every shirt order comes with a FREE Oasis 2020 calendar, a $15 value. (This gift can be waived if you have one, just let us know).

Sockatoo Foraging Fun

Don’t forget your feather friend! Sockatoos are a fun foraging toy your bird will love. Approximately 19″ long, 4″ wide, divided into “compartments” and filled with bird-friendly goodies like wooden/plastic toys and shapes, almonds, dried pasta, chiles, and star anise, just to name a few. A toy that conures to macaws will enjoy.  FREE shipping!

Name the Building Contest

We need your help! We are looking for an inventive name for our new bird building. Instead of calling it “The New Bird Building”, let’s come up with something that’s original. View the video tour of the new building and let your creative juices flow.

Guidelines to the contest:

  • The name should be short (2-3 words), describe the building and easy to say (no tongue twisters please). This name is used regularly among us to identify the building. Some of our other building names include “The Girls” (female cockatoos), “The Boys” (male cockatoos), “Quad”, “Pole Barn”, “Pod”, “Pumpkin”.
  • Submit your name suggestion (one entry per person please) by email to loribell@the-oasis.org or by Facebook Messenger
  • Deadline to submit your suggestion is May 4.

The Oasis Caregivers will vote on the winning name. If they choose the creative name you submitted, you will receive a fabulous Oasis logo gift pack as a thank you.

Wild Parrots of the Rio Grande

We’re all disappointed that we won’t enjoy a presentation of the wild parrot flocks by wildlife artist, writer and conservationist Charles Alexander. We can share his stunning photography, research commentary and stories of the wild parrot flocks in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas.

Click HERE to visit his Facebook page and enjoy his daily observations and the amazing photography of the parrots in action.

Q/A Session with The Oasis Executive Director

Janet Trumbule will be available to answer your questions about The Oasis. This will be a Facebook Live session and is scheduled for May 2, 10am AZ MT. You can submit your questions in advance to jetrumbule@the-oasis.org or ask via email and Facebook during the session.

Click HERE for our Facebook page.