Notes from a Lory Lover

By Eileen McCarthy Lories and Lorikeets are nectar-eating parrots from Indonesia, Australia, The Philippines and surrounding areas. There are 54 Lory and Lorikeet species, and many subspecies, within the family Psittacidae that includes all species of parrots or Psittacines. Lories…

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By Sybil Erden, Founder - July, 1999 Sanctuary is commitment. Here at The Oasis Sanctuary we receive at least one call a month from kind-hearted, idealistic aviculturists interested in starting a sanctuary for unwanted exotic birds. There is no doubt…

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The Dangers of Grit in a Parrot’s Diet

By Sybil Erden, Founder - November, 2004 Many birds arrive at The Oasis with a box filled with seed, pellets, toys... the things the bird had used in their former home. Homer is a Citron cockatoo who arrived with, among…

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