An Announcement About Discover The Oasis 2022

We are disappointed to share this news, but with the unpredictability of Covid and the recent Omicron surge, The Oasis Board has made the decision to cancel this year’s Discover The Oasis on-site event, usually held in May.

With the extreme amount of planning required and potential cancellation penalties for event tent, equipment rentals, airfares, etc., we are unable to effectively execute an event not knowing what the environment will be a few months from now. We are also aware that many people do not feel confident traveling from around the country or joining large group events just yet.

For the safety of our supporters and guests, our staff, board and volunteers this hard decision is what’s best for this year. Our hope is that recent declining Covid trends continue and we’ll all be back together in 2023! Thank you for understanding.

We do welcome you to arrange a visit to the sanctuary if you have the desire to spend time with the birds. We are conducting tours (by appointment) and welcoming vaccinated volunteers for onsite stays to work alongside Oasis caregivers. This is a great way to get to know the staff and give to the birds!

In the meantime…stay tuned for other activities and engaging campaigns in the months ahead.

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