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The Oasis Sanctuary is a life-care facility for captive Exotic birds. In particular we are a refuge for parrots, cockatoos, macaws and other Psittacine birds; although we do accept Passerines (finches and canaries) Columbiformes (doves and "fancy" or racing pigeons) and other captive avian species.

As a true sanctuary, we do not offer birds for adoption, however we work with and refer birds requiring re-homing to bona fide adoption programs around the country. (In Southern Arizona, we would encourage you to contact TARA if you are interested in adopting a bird.)

The Oasis Sanctuary is not a zoo, and does not have regular hours when we are open to the public. With reasonable notice we are usually able to accommodate visitors. Please call Janet Trumbule or Julie Dyson @520-212-4737 or email oasis@the-oasis.org to make an appointment and get directions to the facility.

The Oasis is located approximately 50 miles east of Tucson, Arizona in the San Pedro River Valley, not far from Benson, Arizona. Our remote location affords a peaceful home for our over 600 residents, and minimizes conflict with our human neighbors.

The Oasis Sanctuary is proud to be the first exotic bird sanctuary to have dual accreditation from the American Sanctuary Association (ASA) and the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS).

The Oasis Sanctuary is a founding member and Facilitating leader in the Avian Rescue Network (ARN)